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Haas DesignWorks is a residential design firm created by Jesse Haas. Located in Sedona, Arizona, Haas DesignWorks has been integral to many building projects in the region and across the US. Through working closely with builders, designers, and architects, Haas DesignWorks has been growing in size and clientele. Focusing on style, detail, and  accuracy, Haas DesignWorks personally partner with the client.

Jesse holds both a Bachelor of Science in Architecture Studies and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  Completing his studies in 2009.  After graduating, Jesse co-founded WORKUS Studio LLC with fellow alum Ryan Sarros.  WORKUS Studio spent the next 6 years working on projects ranging from small bathroom redesigns in native Illinois to multi-family townhomes in Townsville, Australia.  Through this wide ranging experience, Jesse has built a versatile and expansive portfolio of work.

In 2013, Jesse relocated to Sedona, Arizona and started Haas DesignWorks. He has seven years of experience in the professional field and has worked closely with builders to deeply satisfy the given needs of the client.

Jesse focuses on creating beautiful homes and buildings. His knowledge of design allows him to do this while still providing a very functional solution. Through his use of quality renderings, Jesse can portray the final product realistically helping clients to visualize the concept. Paired with his ability with architecture tools, Jesse creates exact and detailed plans that can be used to finalize the project.