Haas DesignWorks collaborates with a broad range of companies. Whether it be with a builder, a contractor, or another design company, Haas DesignWorks partners closely with our fellow contributors to successfully complete the project. Below are some previous colleagues of Haas DesignWorks.

Jeffery S. Poss   Jeffery S. Poss is an architect and minimalist. He has lectured at the University of Illinois. He has mentored and worked with Jesse Haas on several projects. t

Jeffery S. Poss, AIA

Architect and Professor at The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Jeff is also a friend and mentor.  Our collaboration dates back to 2006 and has spanned a wide variety of projects.

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DII Architecture

DII Architecture is an architecture firm based in Prospect Heights, Illinois.  Firm owner Jereme Smith, FAI and Jesse have been collaborating on DII Arch projects since 2010.

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WORKUS Studio was co-founded by Jesse Haas in Illinois with Ryan Sarros.  Ryan currently works for a small but incredibly talented architectural firm in Chicago, IL.   WORKUS Studio now hand picks only a few projects each year, emphasizing quality over quantity.

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Haas Construction Co. 

Haas Construction Co. is owned and operated by Tim Haas, a contractor in Sedona, AZ.  With over 30 years of experience,  Haas Construction Co. focuses on residential remodels, additions, and new construction.